Globalized Mexican company, which offers integration services and solutions in control systems and industrial automation, using the best technologies available in the international market.
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Our Solutions
Automation and Control »
Automation is essential to increasing productivity within companies, making feasible impossible manually control operations, simplifying the process of operation, improving and increasing the security. Our team consists of technical specialists in Automation and Control.
SCADA and Telemetry »
The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) allows monitoring and control of process parameters remotely, providing communications to remote devices and controlling variables automatically by using a dedicated software.
Training »
We offer a series of seminars and training certified factory across the line Instrumentation Controllers, radios and Software HMI / SCADA.
Applications Solutions »
We develop personalized applications with the operational needs of the client applications. These C + + applications calculate and concentrate parameters required in the specifications and standards of operation that is otherwise difficult to use in the HMI / host.